Our islands are located in far-south Japan, off the western-most coast of northern Kyushu. To find us on Google Maps, search “Hirado, Japan” Google Maps for this area is mostly in Japanese, so to find us, you can also cut and paste: Hirado 平戸市  Ojika 小値賀  Nozaki 野崎島

Hirado 平戸 

The largest and most populous of our islands, it was the former feudal capital of this area and a center of international trade.

Ojika 小値賀

Historically a part of the Hirado domain, these small islands are off to the west of Hirado. With a combined population of about 3100, they offer a glimpse at historical Japan and true island life along with amazingly picturesque scenery.

Nozaki 野崎

Inhabited for more than 10,000 years, this island was abandoned in 1971 due to lack of medical facilities and an aging population. Today it is an ideal place to study island ecosystems and the history of Japan’s “hidden Christians”.