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• Monday, November 03rd, 2008

Nagasaki Islands Summer 2009: Bridge Over the Pacific

We are proud to announce that we are going to do a 12 day program focused on the Nagasaki Islands in summer 2009. From June 1 – June 12th, students will have an indepth experience focused on the culture, environment, and people of the Nagasaki Islands. We will visit Hirado, group split and homestays in Shijiki and Ojika, and then come back together for overnights in Nozaki and Nagasaki.

This trip is open to high school students in the US, interested in history, environment, culture, Japan, and rural island life. Our goal is to show the world all the amazing things that the Nagasaki Islands have to offer.



WHEN: June 1 – June 12, 2009

COST: approximately $3700. This price is dependent on airfares, but includes: air transport from your nearest major airport to Fukuoka, food, lodging, and transportation while in Japan. This does not include: passport, local transport to your nearest major airport, and spending money for souvenirs and snacks.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: We will be posting more info about applying to participate, deposits and all that in mid-November.

If you are interested and think you will be able to participate, please email ASAP so we can gauge interest. We need to get 40 people to make this trip work. Therefore, tell your friends, get them interested in participating!!!

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